Prathyangira Devi
Prathyangira Devi she also has another name Artharvana Bhadra Kali because she is the guardian of our Atharvana Vedam , the vedam which holds the secret of Mantras Tantras Yantras from good to evil. Goddess Prathyangara Devi is worshipped for curing all illness and to prevent major accidents and any health issues caused due to poisoning. It is also believed worshipping this Goddess helps in the removal of all mental blocks. Prathiyangara Devi is considered to be a powerful repellent of the influences generated by witch-craft. In Sri Cakra worship, she protects her devotees against all odds and guides them along the right path.
Arulmihu Prathyangiraa Devi
Thazaamahaa vidyaa sidhar peedam is the only one temple in whole world with 11 feet single stone peedam which is located in Ayyanadaippu, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, South India, where daily archanai and abishegam are performed. In this temple homam is done on a new moon day and on special occasions for the goodness of the human kind. The main ingredient for the homam is dried red chillies. Sarguru Srinivasa Siddhar, who is chief of the thazaamahaa vidyaa sidhar peedam vision is to build a grand temple for the Devi and started the work for it. The temple is coming up in an area of 1 acre and to be completed in 3 years time with all the ten devi's namely ' thirupura bhairavi ', Sri thara ', ' sri maha shodachi ', ' srei bhuvanasvari ', ' chinna mastha ', ' thumavathi ', ' bhalamughi ', ' sri mathanki ', and ' kamalathimigha ' are avathars of Prathyangiraa devi. There is no temple with all the ten devi's. The new temple coming up with the all the above 10 devi's which is going to be the worlds first such temple.
We are looking forward any contribution towards the construction of this grand Devi temple. Those willing to contribute kindly send your contribution to the following address,


Temple Layout
The Arulmihu Prathyangiraa Devi Temple is going to be re modified and renovated. Here are some of the blueprints of Arulmihu Prathyangiraa Devi Temple.

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